Thank you from your winner – Souvik!

I am really surprised and extremely happy that I have been chosen as your winner from the Sodium Zone. I can’t believe it!  My competitors were highly qualified and have so much experience in their field, I never expected to win. When the elimination process started, I was praying not to be in that list.  

I would like to thank the whole team of  I’m a Scientist for making the platform so efficient and easy to use for both scientists and students. I would like to thank my fellow competitors for supporting me in answering questions on live chat and outside live chats. I am thankful to Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) for funding this event. I am grateful to my research team and my supervisors for motivating and supporting me in taking part in this great initiative.

I want to thank all the students and teachers who took part. I loved answering all the inquisitive questions they put forward. I would like to mention a few of the questions which left me speechless… “Someone told me bananas are berries. Is this true and why?” Some questions were very imaginative “If you were given one day as ruler of earth what would you change”, “Do you think earth will eventually explode”. It was very exciting to see their thinking and their questions. I learned a lot in these two weeks.

I was very impressed with how informed students were on topics about Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Robotics and current hot topics in research. I loved that they were concerned about the Global warming and pollution and ready to take the steps to fight against those. I would like to say to anyone who has a passion for science don’t stop questioning and  always be curious! If nobody believes you, prove them wrong scientifically.  

“I keep six honest serving-men

(They taught me all I knew);

Their names are What and Why and When

And How and Where and Who.”

Rudyard Kipling

I would highly recommend other scientists and researchers to take part in this competition. It was a great experience and you will learn a lot!


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