• Question: Do you think robots could possibly help prevent climate change a bit?

    Asked by Sheepish mango 🐏🥭 to Sabine, Souvik, Faye on 11 Nov 2019. This question was also asked by Jessica109.
    • Photo: Sabine Giron

      Sabine Giron answered on 11 Nov 2019:

      Yes I think robots can participate in a lot of ways in the effort to prevent climate change!

      They can act at different levels:
      – Robots are already helping making waste sorting easier and more efficient in some recycling facilities
      – Drones and underwater robots help to monitor the environment: coral reef, forest, glaciers, etc.
      – Robots are also used to optimise manufacturing processes to reduce energy consumption and to eliminate waste with fewer human errors and better usage calculations.
      – There are a lot of new start-ups that are using robots to plant trees, to pick-up waste in the river, or even collect solar energy (check out this robot: https://www.liquid-robotics.com/wave-glider/how-it-works/)

      Have a look on the internet, there are a lot of cool robots doing really interesting things for the environment 🙂