• Question: Hey I was just chatting to you in a live chat. Thanks so much for your time today. It was much appreciated. I am a second year student and I was just wondering what would you recommend for me to study in science. Thanks so much again for your time today. I really enjoyed the time chatting to you and the other scientists.

    Asked by Good scientist to Souvik, Sabine, Maria, John, Faye, Armin on 14 Nov 2019.
    • Photo: Sabine Giron

      Sabine Giron answered on 14 Nov 2019:

      You’re very welcome, it was a pleasure to chat with you guys! Hopefully you got some answers that are helping you understand what working in science actually means đŸ™‚

      My advice to you would be to figure out what you like and what you are curious about. If you like something, you’ll be much more motivated to study it!

      Then look at what type of job you would like to do – you don’t have to have a specific idea just now but if you have sthg in mind you can see what are the fields of science that are involved in it!

      Good luck and keep being curious đŸ˜‰

    • Photo: Maria McNamara

      Maria McNamara answered on 14 Nov 2019:

      You should study the things that you’re interested in. That’s the most important thing you can do. Don’t worry about jobs ten years down the line. Study what you’re interested in now, and what you can see yourself being interested in for five years or so. Our interests always change over time so don’t look too far ahead.